At age 23 I’ve had more jobs than many people my age.

Friends + family are no longer surprised when I tell them I have a job interview or I randomly put in my two weeks. Throughout college I always had two if not three jobs. It never occurred to me that even though I could do these things that I didn’t always have to. We are told to say yes, to cease opportunities, to take chances – but we are never told that if you don’t want to do them then you don’t have to. Surprise, you can say no!


“No, I don’t want this full-time salary job with benefits but thanks” doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily, but what’s harder is living 40/168 hours dreading your purpose. I learned this after finding myself moving space heaters filled with bricks across the Arizona Desert in three-digit weather for a paycheck. Say no to the things that make you miserable, and say yes to the things that don’t. Easier said than done, but it was never meant to be easy. Easy isn’t worth it. Easy isn’t right.


On Wednesday of last week I started a new job. I always day dreamed about working for a creative agency but never made moves to pursue it. Insecurities paralyzed me, but I am humbled that this opportunity presented itself and that I was able to take it despite the obstacles that were in my way. I figure the only way you can really hate life is if you just let life happen to you, but let’s be honest if you do that  – you’d kind of deserve it. So anyway, I say all of this to say that I love where I am and it took me a couple no’s to get me here. You don’t always have to plea for work when you know your worth.


And in the name of creativity – my next self-improvement project will be to carry a DSLR with me for the month of April! I don’t plan on becoming a photographer by any means but why not learn.

If anyone reading this has photography tips for me then feel free to comment them below or if any of my photographer friends wants to take the time to show me I promise it’ll be a good time! 🙂

Posted by:Traci Ducusin

Traci Ducusin is a self-help junkie with an entrepreneurial spirit and an advocate for the “good” work. She believes that everything is a reflection of who she is and that success happens when personal and professional aspirations align. Off the clock, she focuses on self-improvement, both mental and physical, which leads to a more productive and intentional individual.

6 replies on “Stop falling into things.

  1. Living out your dreams isn’t easy…but it’s so worth it! So glad you were able to make this leap into a job you love!


  2. Good job on learning to value your time over money so early. Too many people waste their lives doing boring repetitive work that they hate. People might judge you for bouncing around a lot, but there’s no right or wrong way to find your calling in life. Just keep experimenting. Good luck.


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