It’s April 2nd and my Unnecessary Purchase total for 2017 is now at $77!

In 2017 I have unnecessarily purchased:

1) A $12 Top Shop maxi dress, a beautiful thrift shop find in which I have no regrets

2) A golden frame from Target‘s $1 section that was $5… how is it okay for them to charge more than a dollar in this section?

3) Five 8×10 canvases (canvi?) on sale for $4 at Michael‘s

4) A copy of Tim Ferriss‘ book, Tools of Titans, for $29 which is actually very necessary but I told myself I wasn’t allowed to purchase any books until I read all the ones I already have

5) A locally made candle for $27 that I really just needed.

I’m pretty happy with my purchases, but still don’t understand why I have yet to see an increase in my savings account. Oh yeah, it’s cause I’m in debt. On the bright side I’ve managed to pay $4,200 worth of said debt! I always imagined paying your debt off to be this magical event with appropriate soundtrack music playing and a physical weight lifted off your shoulders, but it’s actually pretty mundane. It’s more like throwing a wad of cash into a pothole and having to casually walk away. To be honest, there was some dancing though. I just thought the dancing would last longer than it did.

Anyway, to elaborate on my Unnecessary Purchase challenge which is part of my New Years resolution (sorry new years resolution haters), I made a list in the beginning of the year that mandates everything I’m not allowed to buy in 2017.

That list is as follows:

  • Notebooks
  • Art Supplies (Pens/Markers mostly)
  • Purses/Bags
  • Workout clothes
  • Home Decor
  • Books (unless I finish reading all the books that I have)
  • Dresses
  • Drinkware
  • Anything else that I have an abundance of (like lipstick or… hangers)

I should probably add (additional/luxury) food to this list. It’s probably my biggest expense that I could cut back on, but food is love and I’m not ready to commit to that… With that being said, if you’re interested in taking on this challenge for yourself, I recommend you set obtainable goals! I put a lot of thought into what should go on this list. I literally counted all the shirts that I could comfortably work out in (32) which is how I ruled out work out clothes. Also, my unhealthy obsession with notebooks has left me with enough notebooks for the next 2 years.

So customize it for yourself, unsubscribe to all e-mail marketing, and avoid unnecessary trips to the store at all costs! It also helped me prioritize the things I should be spending money on… like pants. This way when I have the urge to buy something (because let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to spend money) I at least spend it on things that I need.  Unnecessary Purchase challenge = Guilt free shopping + Savings! What do you spend money on that you shouldn’t?

Posted by:Traci Ducusin

Traci Ducusin is a self-help junkie with an entrepreneurial spirit and an advocate for the “good” work. She believes that everything is a reflection of who she is and that success happens when personal and professional aspirations align. Off the clock, she focuses on self-improvement, both mental and physical, which leads to a more productive and intentional individual.

One thought on “Unnecessary Purchases

  1. Yay! I just finished paying off my student loan, it’s a mundane process, specially while you’re skipping out on buying some fun stuff. But it will feel so good when it’s done! Specially while other people complain for the next 30 years about paying theirs! Go Traci!


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