Sunshine and Cacti

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Sunshine & Cacti is a travel and lifestyle blog based out of the south west United States. Written by newlyweds, Jaryd and Traci, this is our way of writing our story and keeping us off the couch!

  Scottsdale, Arizona  |  Saguaro Hotel  (not this couch, we like this couch.)

Scottsdale, Arizona | Saguaro Hotel (not this couch, we like this couch.)

J : from Pennsylvania, in the Army, obsessed with google maps. 
T: foodie by ethnic background, husband-diagnosed narcolepsy, notebook friends.

"You're not bored. You're boring."
We started this blog with the belief that the world is too big of a place to ever be bored, but we also know that sometimes it's hard to break up the routine. It's pretty easy to fall into a rut of life just happening, but when you live with intention, well, life's that much better. Travel takes effort and while it's rarely convenient, the new experiences are always worth it.

Through the lens of small businesses and the incredible outdoors, we aim to inspire your next adventure by doing what the locals do. There's no better way to experience a culture than by meeting unfamiliar people in unfamiliar places. 

Order that thing off the menu you don't know how to pronounce. Get lost on your way through a new city. Avoid a flash flood or two. Whatever the story is - we're here to help make it a good one. Let's live a little.

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