Our Engagement Story

We recently had our engagement party and when asked for “the Proposal story” he began with “Traci, ate a lot of prosciutto so the ring didn’t fit.” Can you not? I think we could both use some revisions with how we tell our story, but it really just illustrates our dynamic. We laugh so much.

Anyways since I’m a better story teller than him we’ll go with my version…

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Seattle, Washington.

There’s nothing more empowering than navigating through an unfamiliar city and breaking out of your routine. Granted, technology has made this a lot easier but taking a trip to Seattle just because I can was uplifting in so many ways. Maybe I’m just naive but I generally feel safe when I’m out and about. I don’t know how people pre-Uber and pre-Google maps did it.

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Learn more stuff.

Another week is coming to an end and although I could sincerely say that I’ve learned a lot whether it’s with my fitness routine, work, or life – I still find myself in moments of disappointment. Patience has never been one of my most practiced virtues, but I guess I’m getting there. This past week…

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