Unnecessary Purchases

On the bright side I’ve managed to pay $4,200 worth of said debt! I always imagined paying your debt off to be this magical event with appropriate soundtrack music playing and a physical weight lifted off your shoulders, but it’s actually pretty mundane.

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Stop falling into things.

It never occurred to me that even though I could do these things that I didn’t always have to. We are told to say yes, to cease opportunities, to take chances – but we are never told that if you don’t want to do them then you don’t have to. Surprise, you can say no!

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We hear about people climbing Mt. Everest, or swimming across oceans for survival, or founding multi-million dollar companies at a young age – but we don’t hear about is what it takes to become the very best version of yourself. Shit happens and you have to remember to forgive yourself cause you’re all you’ve got. When was the last time something amazing happened while you wallowed in self-pity? Resilience and intentionality, my friends. That’s what will keep us going.

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